Data Centre Operation In 90's

Data Centre Operation

Data Centre Operation (DCO) is always in my heart. Its my first job in year 1991 as computer operator at Perwira Habib Bank (PHB). In 1991 PHB is using NCR 9800 mainframe using VRX/E as operating system. Remembered the commands like

keyboard command like dot R and function key for changing the host.

and I learning to write COBOL.

NCR 9800 was fault-tolerant mainframe manufactured by NCR Corporation in late 80's and early 90's. I love that machine. Learn about fault-tolerant and managing batch processing with that machine.  Every Sunday we would do a power shutdown for NCR 9800. The holy words for DCO PHB at that time bye bye or in NCR machine code display B1B1 and later we will boot its again and our shift supervisor will said

Lets go for breakfast and its 4am in the morning. In 90's we don't have 24 hours Mac Donalds so mamak will do. :)

Data Centre Operation for PHB was run for 24 hours. We are devided into 3 cycle shifts. Morning, Afternoon and Night. Morning start from 8am till 4pm, Afternoon start from 4pm till midnight and Night start from midnight till 8am. In rotation of 2 days afternoon, 2 days morning and 2 days night with 1 days off.

More years to come and later DCO was called Computer Operation Unit (COU).


NCR Corporation History

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