Learning Google App Engine Django And Python

Learning Google App Engine Django And Python

With my age, learning programming may not as fast as when I'm younger. It's in my interest to learn about new technology, not only by reading or by theory. Im going to learn it by making an application that work with people register, login and used the application.

Google Chrome, Google App Engine and Python are my new "need to know" and "want to do" in relation to programming. I want to develop web application and share the experience with others.

I have my own favorite framework in PHP. Horde Application Framework http://www.horde.org/ Still gasping to learn it. Because I had write and program a PHP web application, I just feel bored of another PHP and want to try another challenge.

Another programming framework, python framework for me to learn is

The Django Framework

and I will begin with Google App Engine, Python and Django


Digg Story: An Interview with MyMeeting Senior Developer

Digg Story: An Interview with MyMeeting Senior Developer

Thought you might want to check this out and digg it. TQ.

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"An Interview with MyMeeting Senior Developer"

MyMeeting is a web application specifically designed to help better manage meetings in government agencies. Initially developed at the Open Source Competency Center http://www.oscc.org.my/ (OSCC), it is the first Malaysia Government OSS.

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Notice By Godaddy.com To Review Songketmail.org Whois Information

Notice By Godaddy.com To Review Songketmail.org Whois Information

Just received an email from Godaddy.com regarding my domain songketmail.org need to be review. It's required by ICANN, all accredited registrars to contact domain owner and to update whois information.

You can read it here

Whois Data Reminder Policy

My article in Malay about everyone must have a domain.

Nama Domain Perlu Dimiliki Oleh Semua Orang


Important ICANN Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)

Dear Harisfazillah Jamel,

It's that time of year again. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) annually requires that all accredited registrars (like Go Daddy) ask their domain administrators/registrants to review domain name contact data, and make any changes necessary to ensure accuracy. According to our records you are the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT for one or more domains registered at GoDaddy.com, Inc. as of September 3rd, 2008.

To review/update your contact data, simply:
+ Go to www.godaddy.com/?isc=thenumbers
+ Click on the "ICANN Domain Confirmation" icon at the top of the page
+ You will be taken to a landing page and asked to enter your Domain Information Key:
+ Enter your key and click "Go."

Next, simply review the contact information for each domain name. To make a correction, log in to "My Account" with your customer number or log in name and password. Click "Domains," select the domain to update, then click "Contact." If you find that your domain contact data is accurate, there's no need to take action.

If, however, your domain contact information is inaccurate, you must correct it. (Under ICANN rules and the terms of your registration agreement, providing false contact information can be grounds for domain name cancellation.) To review the ICANN policy, visit:


Should you have any questions, please email us at support @ godaddy.com or call our customer support line at (480) 505-8877.

Thanks for your attention and thank you for being a GoDaddy.com, Inc. customer.

GoDaddy.com, Inc. Domain Support

If you are the domain administrator of more than one GoDaddy.com domain account, you may receive this notice multiple times.
Copyright (c) 2008 GoDaddy.com, Inc. All rights reserved.

Centos Directory Server

Centos Directory Server

We are going to used Centos Directory Server (Centos DS) for Users management base on LDAP. This can be many ways of managing users in LDAP enviroment. Using Phpldapadmin, using Horde by customize the hooks.php or by using Centos Directory.

We decided to try Centos DS

To install Centos-ds please read this manual






For more information about centos-ds you can search Fedora Directory Server. Centos-ds and Fedora DS are related. :)


Another problem.

Centos DS schema is in a slightly different format from OpenLDAP schema.

In our migration plan, we need to migrate Dbmail users to OpenLDAP. With the different of format of schema we need to rethink about it.

Our plan. Dbmail -> PADL migration script -> Centos DS migration tools.


My Blog Entry about OpenLDAP with Horde and Dbmail


Another move is to used FreeIPA

FreeIPA is an integrated security information management solution combining Linux (Fedora), Fedora Directory Server, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS. It consists of a web interface and command-line administration tools



ODF OLYMPIAD 2008 Malaysia

ODF OLYMPIAD 2008 Malaysia

ODF is an international standard for office productivity format, adopted by ISO.

ODF is fundamental to enabling computer education globally.

ODF is the National Standard of countries such as South Africa and Uruguay.

ODF is easy to learn and specifies the way documents, presentations and spreadsheets are stored in a computer by popular Office Productivity Softwares such as OpenOffice. Anyone who has used any presentation software can immediately start using ODF software such as openoffice.org


Morfeus Fucking Scanner

Just seen this in one of our client web server. - - [05/Sep/2008:19:53:49 +0800] "GET /user/soapCaller.bs HTTP/1.11 " 404 292 "-" "Morfeus Fucking Scanner" - - [05/Sep/2008:19:57:11 +0800] "GET /user/soapCaller.bs HTTP/1.11 " 404 292 "-" "Morfeus Fucking Scanner"

We had problem to start the Apache server. Hmm, they throw every scripts and attack to gain into the server. Hmm I could not figure out what right now.

To test your server used Nikto.


Spammer Change Their Spamming Technique and We used Greylisting To Counter It

Spammer Change Their Spamming Technique

Two of mail servers that we monitor are hits with large numbers of spam emails. This time what they do, the spammer compile email addresses from the same domain or organisation and spam the email addresses.

By doing this, they may escape from detection from razor pyzor and dcc. Only if the email users in that organisation make the reports to spamhaus and spamcop the spamming will be stop. It's only may be.

For temporary solution I installed sqlgrey


Read about grey listing here



Email Server For 5000 Users

Email Server For 5000 Users

We are going to setup an email system for 5000 users. our selection of Open Source Software to this setup :-

(1) Operating System

CentosOS 5.2 64 bits


We may run it under XEN.

(2) Users management

We will used Centos Directory Server


or to use OpenLDAP and PHPLdapAdmin

(3) Email Backend

We want to use Dbmail for email storage and IMAP server.


(4) Database

We will used Postgresl for Dbmail and Horde IMP.


(5) Mail Tranfer Agent

Postfix will be our selection


(6) Web Email

We are going to used Horde Groupware


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