My Little Shell Script

I have a script that I used for many years as a tools for migration, installation and configuration in Linux and FreeBSD. I love my little script. It will read my input file, count the number of lines, read the lines one by one, cut the line and put it into input that I want. Echo it back into template that I've define and loop and loop until end of the lines.

That's my little shell script.

Quote is my shell script is a migration script of vpopmail passwd file into Linux passwd/shadow format so I can run migration tools from padl nss_ldap to create LDIF format (PosixAccount) that suitable to be used with DBmail.

But, Bro root script much more simpler that this and one liner if it can be. Hehehe.

TOTALL=`wc -l $1 | awk '{print $1}'`
while [ $KIRA -le $TOTALL ]
echo "$KIRA"
BARIS1=`head -$KIRA $1 | tail -1`
NAMAUSER=`echo $BARIS1 | cut -d: -f1`
KATALALUAN=`echo $BARIS1 | cut -d: -f2`
NAMAPENUH=`echo $BARIS1 | cut -d: -f5`
NOUID=`expr $NOUID + 1`
### rpm:x:37:37::/var/lib/rpm:/sbin/nologin
echo "$NAMAUSER:x:$NOUID:12:$NAMAPENUH:/home/$NAMAUSER:/sbin/nologin" >> password$$.txt
echo "$NAMAUSER:$KATALALUAN:13941:0:99999:7:::" >> shadow$$.txt
#dbmail-users -v -a $NAMAUSER -wlaluan123 -p md5-base64 -m 100M -s $BARIS1
KIRA=`expr $KIRA + 1`

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