calls for boycott of Trend Micro

Press Release Boycott Trend Micro

Press Release ScriptumLibre, Februari 8, 2008 calls for boycott of Trend Micro

WORKUM, The Netherlands -- Friday, February 8, 2008 -- The Foundation issued a call today for a worldwide boycott on Trend Micro products. The call comes as a response to the public announcement on January 29th that a lawsuit was filed by Trend Micro in November 2007, which claims that software-security company Barracuda Networks is infringing its U.S.-patent on software that filters out viruses on Internet gateway computers. The claim targets the free and open source (FOSS) software program ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus), and demands that Barracuda either cease distributing it with their web filtering hardware and other products, or pay Trend Micro a licensing fee.

Software vendors that hold software patents tend to wage a "cold war" amongst each other, collecting patents and holding on to them for defensive purposes. Rarely are suits filed against one another aggressively. ScriptumLibre's chairman Wiebe van der Worp claims Trend Micro's aggressive use of litigation to be "well beyond the borders of decency," and points to the company's past history of "extorting organizations such as Symantec and McAfee with similar threats of litigation." However, there are deeper concerns echoed by van der Worp, and others, in the threats this lawsuit holds toward others in the FOSS community. Recognizing this threat, Barracuda CEO, Dean Drako, in a statement to the FOSS community, writes, "Trend Micro’s actions illustrate that ClamAV and other open source projects remain vulnerable to commercial patent holders attempting to unjustly hinder the free and open source community."

As a result, many in the community are banding together, and offering support towards Barracuda, such as Eben Moglen of the Software Freedom Law Center, who has stated that the "Collective defense from software patents is a shared responsibility for everyone in the free software ecosystem." ScriptumLibre feels that the patent system is fundamentally broken. But even though the system is broken, this does not mean that companies should be held blameless for abusing that system.The foundation therefore urges the entire IT community, including both the proprietary and FOSS communities, to boycott Trend Micro products.

About ScriptumLibre Foundation is the international branch of the Dutch "Stichting". ScriptumLibre creates awareness about the economic and social meaning of free knowledge and culture for our society. The foundation was involved in the successful campaign to keep software patents out of the European Union.

Links and Attachments

* Boycott web page with information, banners and cartoons:
* Barracuda Networks call for help:
* Cartoon as line art in pdf-format
* [get | view] (8.2 KB) attachment:boycott_trend_micro_dweil_2_trans_l.png
* [get | view] (29.7 KB) attachment:boycott_trend_micro_troll.pdf


Wiebe van der Worp, chairman ScriptumLibre, wiebe at tel.: +31 6 455 939 82

My Linux Counter Registered User No 379041

My LinuxCounter 379041

Every Linux users should register with Linux Counter. Visit the link below and answer a few questions.

Detail from my Linux Counter

This Linux User has entered the following information with the Linux Counter:

Name: Harisfazillah Jamel
Country: MY Malaysia
City: Putrajaya unknown place name
Email: [email protected] dot com
Started: jan 1999
Usage: home, work

If some of the places marked "unknown" ought to be listed in the Linux counter, please contact the relevant country manager

The record ID is 379041
Record last updated: Tue Apr 3 07:27:29 2007
To change this record, log in as user 379041.

MAMPU To Use Open Office

For weeks we are preparing for this. Open Office OSCC, MAMPU portal is setup and can be visited at

Press Release
MAMPU Migrates to

Posts by bloggers

MAMPU pioneered OpenOffice adoption for Malaysian Govenment


MAMPU migrates to and ODF to increase freedom of choice and interoperability

MAMPU officially adopts

MailScanner is only avaliable with the XS version

When you are not sleeping doing migration. At this time of the hour. The final step of restarting the MailServer. This error came out. Haiya... I want to sleep maaa. (5.20am MYT).

[email protected] backup-migration]# service MailScanner start
Starting MailScanner daemons:
incoming postfix: [ OK ]
outgoing postfix: [ OK ]
MailScanner: is only avaliable with the XS version at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Compress/ line 9
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Compress/ line 9.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Archive/ line 24.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Archive/ line 24.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 48.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 48.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/sbin/MailScanner line 79.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/sbin/MailScanner line 79.
[ OK ]

Search with Google. It's said to upgrade perl module Scalar-List-Utils. I'm using Centos 5 that used perl 5.8.8 with Scalar::Utils build in.

The solution that I used is to upgrade Perl-Archive-Zip 1.20 to 1.23.

Output Mysql select To File

I need this MySQL sql select command so that I can dump the select command into a file. This command is used by myself for migrating Dbmail users inside MySQL to OpenLDAP.


mysql> use dbmail;
mysql> select * into outfile "/tmp/dbmailusers.txt" from dbmail_users;

More examples :-

Janji Sudah Ditabur Masa Untuk Dikota - People Power

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Pilihanraya yang ke 12 merupakan satu sejarah. Rakyat Malaysia bersuara untuk perubahan. Perubahan yang dikehendaki begitu besar sekali. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang telah mengundi. Inilah masa kami menuntut kepada pemimpin yang telah kami pilih.

Tidak kira apa parti, tidak kira siapa yang memimpin, wujudkan kerja sama antara parti sama ada majoriti atau pembangkang agar kami semua mendapat manfaatnya. Kami tidak mahu melihat Dewan rakyat dan dewan negeri dibuang masa dengan perkara-perkara remeh-temeh.

Gubal undang-undang yang manfaat bagi semua. Amalkan dasar politik yang tidak mengenal bangsa dan agama. Anda semua adalah sama. Anda semua adalah pemimpin kepada rakyat. Yang dipilih oleh rakyat. Harapan kami besar. Impian kami besar. Mahu melihat Malaysia yang aman makmur adil bersih.

Kami telah memilih siapa yang kami fikir boleh bekerja untuk rakyat. Jangan lagi tidak melawat kawasan, jangan tinggalkan kami untuk 4 tahun baru hendak pilihan raya baru hendak datang melawat.

Do you jobs or we will do ours in 5 years from now.

Jentera kerajaan dan kakitangan kerajaan perlu dijaga dengan baik. Mereka yang sebenarnya bekerja untuk kami rakyat. Jaga kepentingan mereka, jangan campur tangan urusan kerja mereka, jangan sesekali ANAIYA mereka. Let them do there work or we will do ours.

Secara peribadi saya mahu melihat pasukan polis diperkuatkan. Kakitangan ditambah, kemudahan untuk mereka diperbaiki dan ditambah, latihan yang lebih baik kepada pihak polis dan yang paling penting insentif yang lebih. Apabila pihak polis tiada perlu memikir masalah-masalah dalaman seperti kekurangan anggota, kekurangan kelengkapan dan sebagainya. Saya percaya pihak polis akan menjalankan kerja dengan lebih baik.

Buat penganalisa politik yang mungkin rasa keliru dengan keputusan sekarang. Jawapan mudah sahaja. Rakyat hanya mahu kata dikota, mereka yang betul-betul bekerja untuk rakyat. Undi sekarang disesetengah tempat adalah dari generasi baru. Generasi selepas merdeka. Kami tidak pilih parti. Kami pilih siapa yang boleh bekerja untuk rakyat, yang betul-betul menjaga kawasannya. Kami tidak mahu mendengar lagi cakap-cakap kosong. We want results. Anda semua ada KPI yang perlu dipenuhi untuk diperiksa oleh rakyat.

Kepada yang menang tahniah. Kepada yang kalah, anda masih lagi ada tanggung jawab kepada penyokong-penyokong anda yang juga rakyat Malaysia. Sama-samalah bekerja sama. Anda semua pemimpin kami sama ada menang atau kalah. Sama-sama berkerja sama, sama-sama berusaha untuk memenuhi janji kepada rakyat. We want results.

Mari kita jadikan Malaysia cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang. Ke arah wawasan 2020.

Untuk kita semua rakyat Malaysia.

Kepada yang belum mendaftar dan kepada yang tidak mengundi, anda semua sudah rugi untuk menentukan wakil dan kerajaan yang akan membawa kita ke masa hadapan. Luangkan masa untuk mendaftar dan the next election luangkan masa untuk mengundi. People Power in Malaysia. In it's own way. Aman, bersih dan pasti.

My Little Shell Script

I have a script that I used for many years as a tools for migration, installation and configuration in Linux and FreeBSD. I love my little script. It will read my input file, count the number of lines, read the lines one by one, cut the line and put it into input that I want. Echo it back into template that I've define and loop and loop until end of the lines.

That's my little shell script.

Quote is my shell script is a migration script of vpopmail passwd file into Linux passwd/shadow format so I can run migration tools from padl nss_ldap to create LDIF format (PosixAccount) that suitable to be used with DBmail.

But, Bro root script much more simpler that this and one liner if it can be. Hehehe.

TOTALL=`wc -l $1 | awk '{print $1}'`
while [ $KIRA -le $TOTALL ]
echo "$KIRA"
BARIS1=`head -$KIRA $1 | tail -1`
NAMAUSER=`echo $BARIS1 | cut -d: -f1`
KATALALUAN=`echo $BARIS1 | cut -d: -f2`
NAMAPENUH=`echo $BARIS1 | cut -d: -f5`
NOUID=`expr $NOUID + 1`
### rpm:x:37:37::/var/lib/rpm:/sbin/nologin
echo "$NAMAUSER:x:$NOUID:12:$NAMAPENUH:/home/$NAMAUSER:/sbin/nologin" >> password$$.txt
echo "$NAMAUSER:$KATALALUAN:13941:0:99999:7:::" >> shadow$$.txt
#dbmail-users -v -a $NAMAUSER -wlaluan123 -p md5-base64 -m 100M -s $BARIS1
KIRA=`expr $KIRA + 1`

OpenLDAP And Me

I alway tell my friends, among Open Source products that I used to installed OpenLDAP is among the product that I need to do it more than 3 times, then it's will be right for me. On each of installation that I've done I will (after the installation, loading the LDIF, ldapsearch -x)

Shutdown the ldap service
service ldap stop

Recreate the OpenLDAP data directory

cd /var/lib
mv ldap ldap.old
mkdir /var/lib/ldap
chown ldap:ldap /var/lib/ldap

Start the ldap service
service ldap start

Haiya need to do it again. Remember I'm a Linux Centos guy. One OpenLDAP setup done, 3 more sites to go and 2 more to be confirm. :)

Thanks Khairil for the book. It's help a lot. I'm still with OpenLDAP and MySQL. Hehehe.

Need to know, want to know.

Zotero Internet Research Tool

Save your research with Zotero. . An add-on for Mozilla Firefox and I love using it to save numbers of web pages.

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work — in the web browser itself.

Openldap with Mysql Backend

Spending my whole day trying to configure Openldap with Mysql as the backend. Stuck with numbers of configuration examples that each have it's own way and then around this hour (0020), while casual searching with Google, at the bottom of the Google search page. I found this link.

Detail explanation what need to be done, what to configure and how to do it.

Moral of the story. After 1730 is not a good time to do configuration, after whole day looking at the configuration files and eating a lot of kuaci, you mind blur already. Better go home, go for jogging, take a bath and doing nothing.

Information Distribution Using Public Bookmarks and Web RSS Readers

Whole day trying to understand how Technorati and Google Reader can help to improved the distribution of information across nations. This may help to distribute information related to Open Source campaign and help promote Open Source activities in Malaysia.

Need to map Technorati and Google Reader.


Harisfazillah has invited you to try out Google Reader

I've been using Google Reader and thought you might like to try it out. With Reader, keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email.

You may want to check out and subscribe to my shared items. To take a look at them, visit this page:

My Tecnorati Verify Post

Just my post to claim my blog in Technorati.

Technorati Profile

Blog CikguCyber

My significant other (I love to used that words) is compiling my old writing from yesteryears. It's will be a rewrite and update information and compile and hopely I can produce a book. I used to write in malay about computers and Internet. Due to busy schedule and others things related to my experiments to the usage of Malaysian Internet browsing, I have stop writing about computer and Internet.

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