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Email From Sourceforge for CmsForNerd

Subject: Project Approved

Your project registration for has been approved.

Project Information:

Project Descriptive Name: cmsfornerd
Project Unix Name: cmsfornerd
CVS Server:
Shell Server:
Web Server:

Project Administration:

The Project Admin page for your project may be accessed at
after logging-in.

Service Availability for New Projects:

The DNS for your project web site may take up to 24 hours to become
active. Until DNS is active for your project, attempts to access
your project web site will result in 404 errors. Once DNS is active,
you will see an empty directory index when accessing your project
web site, until you have placed content in your project web space
(remember: project web space is provided solely for use in storing
project-related information; see the Web section of the Project Admin
page for additional details).

Your access to the project shell and CVS servers (including your
new CVS repository, which has already been initialized and is ready
for your first import) are typically available within four hours
from the time when your project was approved. If after 6 hours
your shell/CVS accounts still do not work, please submit a Support
Request (on the "alexandria" project, see below), so as that we may
look in to the problem.

Site Documentation and Support: maintains a large amount of documentation about
the site and services offered to hosted projects.
This documentation may be accessed using the "Site Docs" link in the
left navbar, or directly at:

Should you need to contact the team, we may be reached
by submitting a Support Request at:

Reminder: Acceptable Use and Project Licensing:

By using the site, you agree to be bound by the terms
and conditions of the Terms of Use Agreement. provides hosting solely for Open Source software
development projects; if your project is not being released under an
Open Source license, or is not developing software, please contact
the team immediately for assistance. Questions
regarding acceptable use of the site and resources
should be directed to the team by submitting a
Support Request (see above).

Donation System: provides a donation system that allows users and
projects to accept donations on an opt-in basis.

You may opt-in your user account to receive donations at:

You may opt-in this project to receive donations at:

Documentation on the donation system may be found at:

Getting Started:

A significant amount of project service information may be found
on the Project Admin pages for your project, as seen at:

The Project Admin page for your project is the best place to start.
Please ensure that you have established a suitable Public Description
for your project, and have categorized your project within the Trove;
both of these operations may be performed using the "Public Info"
section of your Project Admin pages.

Enjoy the system, and please tell others about Let us know
if there is anything we can do to help you (we can always be reached
by submitting a Support Request on the "alexandria" project (see above)).

-- the crew

The OS2 petition

The OS2 petition
Posted by Kim Haverblad - Sunday, 02 December 2007

It is known that OS/2 isn't well supported by companies that make software or by individual developers, and OS/2 faces a high possibility of being replaced and/or withdrawn from the market. Hence this petition to IBM so the much-loved OS/2 Technology can be freely distributed and developed around the world. We understand that making OS/2 Open source will be beneficial for the IBM customers as well as for IBM, if the hurdle of third-party supplied code can be overcome. To this end we are willing to contribute our own efforts.

Making OS/2 Open Source will benefit all IBM customers that had invested in this OS. Customers that are willing to continue using OS/2 will get the benefits of an open OS that will be continuously developed by individual developers and/or software companies, their ownership fees will decrease and they will have the enhanced security of an OS that will continue to be relevant due to the open-ended nature of open source (following the BSD and Linux examples). Also customers choosing to migrate to other platforms will find it beneficial to have OS/2 open source, as it will be easier to adapt their programs or make an OS/2 interpreter or emulator for the transition.

We know that IBM faces a problem of making OS/2 Open Source because of the private sources from third party companies. What we ask of IBM is to release as much of the source as possible and list the OS/2 components that need an Open Source replacement. With a list of components that need to be replaced companies interested on OS/2 or individual developers can create Open Source software to fill this "holes" in the OS.

IBM will surely benefit from the open sourcing of OS/2 as the OS/2 Community will freely develop Open Source software as it has with BSD and Linux. IBM can take advantage of this and have less expenses on the maintainance due to contributions of developers around the world.

We are very pleased that IBM has moved to embrace open standards and we whole-heartedly agree that the benefits of Open Source software are many. We believe IBM understands that open source software is directly beneficial to the customers, as IBM is supporting a 110% Linux.

For customers that want to keep OS/2 or for those long-time users who are considering migrating to another OS the open sourcing of OS/2 makes perfect sense.

We also have an OS/2 community of developers that has produced several open source software for OS/2 and many are willing to continue doing so.

First petition round
More than two years ago on September 25, 2005, we sent you a letter with a petition that contained 11,613 signatures requesting IBM to release the source code of Operating System 2 (OS/2 Warp) - or at least release the source code that IBM owns - to the public under an open source license. More information about the first petition can be found here.

Second petition round
On November 19, 2007, we sent a second letter to IBM where we insisted on implementing the stipulations contained in this petition because we believe that OS/2 is an important part of the history of the Operating System, and furthermore, it still contains values that the computer science field considers unique.

More information regarding the second petition round, please check following news posting from the 2nd December, 2007.

Your email will not be used for any other reason to notify you about petition status.

CmsForNerd A CMS For Nerd

CmsForNerd A CMS For Nerd


CmsForNerd is really for nerd. You need to know basic HTML, CSS and PHP to maintain it because it is not like any other content Management Software or CMS. We build CmsForNerd because we want to learn about HTML and how to code in PHP.

CmsForNerd is for a small website, with static contents that not always need to be change. CmsForNerd is not using any database. We want a CMS that it is simple, easy to backup and recovery because we don't want to be worried about any lost of data in database due to hardware failure.

We also build CmsForNerd so it is search engine friendly to Google and Yahoo. You can used HTML Validator add-on for Mozilla Firefox to validate yout HTML page.

Spoof Challenges 2008

Spoof Challenges 2008

24 Hours Endurance Hacking Competition

Spoof is To fool. In networking, the term is used to describe a variety of ways in which hardware and software can be fooled. IP spoofing, for example, involves trickery that makes a message appear as if it came from an authorized IP address.

This is a challenge to all hackers. Do you have the endurance to penetrate a network setup and capture a final server that can be yours?

Mark you Calendar and bookmark this website

Target date : Mid year 2008
Venue : Melaka Malaysia

Prepare yourself to hack Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

To System Administrator, this is the time you want to see yourself how the hacking been done. Spend your time to visit this event. Improved your skill to defense your network parameters and servers from penetration by learning from Spoof.

About Spoof @ Melaka

Spoof @ Melaka is a yearly event organize by K-Ekonomi Melaka to expose the state agencies In Melaka about security. Start with a modest budget and expand into a national events. This is a venue that want to regroup system administrator and people that involved with security.

The best to learn about security in network and computer is to see for yourself what really happen first hand.

MyGOSSCON 2007 - Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference

MyGOSSCON 2007 - Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference
email : mygosscon @

Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference
6 - 7 December 2007, Putrajaya, Malaysia

* Theme *

Accelerate OSS Adoption through Strategic Alliance

* Objectives *

* To proliferate OSS development and implementation in the public sector
* To enhance synergy between Business, R & D and Public Sector Communities
* To stimulate and increase growth of the local ICT industry
* To provide a platform for sharing of knowledge and experience among the participants

* Target Participant *

1. Government agencies
2. National Higher Education Institutes (Universities and Colleges)
3. Business / Industry Sector utilizing OSS
4. OSS Communities / Groups
5. Any other public sectors having interest in OSS

© 2007 OSCC

Malaysian Public Sector Open Source Competency Centre (OSCC), MAMPU,
Lot E302-E304, Enterprise Building 3,
63000 Cyberjaya, Malaysia.
Tel. 603 83191200, Fax: 603 83193206

contact @

Reaching Internet Web With Email

Around 1991 when I know about email and Internet , it is still a privilage to access www web using browser. A friend of mind forward an email about

Internet Access by e-mail

In this blog I will try to find any services using email that can be more interested.

MailWatch For MailScanner GeoIp Database Permission Denied

MailWatch For MailScanner GeoIp Database Permission Denied

This problem happen when we want to update GeoIP Database (Tools/links) from MailWatch.

Need to edit geoip_update.php inside MailWatch web directory ( /var/www/html). Need to add LOCAL for the mysql LOAD


// Load the data
dbquery("LOAD DATA INFILE '".$base.'/'.$file2."' INTO TABLE geoip_country FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '\"'");


// Load the data
dbquery("LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '".$base.'/'.$file2."' INTO TABLE geoip_country FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '\"'");

MailScanner A Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter

MailWatch for MailScanner is a web based front-end to MailScanner

Internet Tools For Your Blog

Internet Tools For Your Blog

Internet Tools For Your Blog is blog of Internet tools that can be used by blogger around the world. We want to know how the Internet tools look like in our blog and share its with you.

Accessing Busy Malaysia 2008 Budget Speech Website With CoralCDN

Accessing Busy Malaysia 2008 Budget Speech Website With CoralCDN

If you having problem accessing Treasury Malaysia website during 2008 Budget Speech. You need to try accessing Treasury Malaysia through CoralCDN.

The link automaticly change by the CoralCDN server More information about CoralCDN

CoralCDN is a free peer-to-peer content distribution network, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers. It allows a user to run a web site that offers high performance and meets huge demand.

Are you tired of clicking on some link from a web portal, only to find that the website is temporarily off-line because thousands or millions of other users are also trying to access it?

Does your network have a really low-bandwidth connection, such that everyone, even accessing the same web pages, suffers from slow downloads? Have you ever run a website, only to find that suddenly you get hit with a spike of thousands of requests, overloading your server and possibly causing high monthly bills?

If so, CoralCDN might be your free solution for these problems!

Bila pasang Horde Groupware memang banyak cabarannya. Tips yang aku boleh tinggalkan.

Masalah phpize not found.

Pastikan pasang PEAR dan PECL dalam pada itu juga pasang sekali php-devel sebab pecl kena compile module. Hendak compile module mulalah perlu anak-anak dan pakcik-pakcik yang libat dalam group Development. Kesimpulannya waktu install Centos pasanglah sekali group development.

DOM XML untuk PHP pun satu hal. Oleh kerana Horde hendak pakai PHP5 jadi timbul masalah hendak cari DOM ini. Pastikan repo centosplus adalah enabled.

Waktu config fail hati-hati. amalkan untuk remark atau hash sahaja.

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