OSDC.my Open Source Developers Club Malaysia Discussion Group In Facebook

OSDC.my Open Source Developers Club Malaysia Discussion Group In Facebook

Visit OSDC.my Discussion Group In Facebook and join us


Come and join us to discussion about development in Open Source Software (OSS) or any topics related to OSS.

Malaysia Open Source Developer's Club or in short known as OSDC.my is a community based club open for all enthusiastic Open Source developers and users across Malaysia.


OSDC.my is a new chapter that has been brought under Malaysia Special Interest Groups, MySIG for all developers to share their thought, knowledge and experience and leverage the Open Source idea to public.

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)


MOSC is an event where you can learn on how you can maximize your profits from Open Source software for your organization. And meet the world class speakers from around the world. It's time to Innovate Change!


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KOSTEM : Draft For OSS Geek Magazine By Apogee

Thanks Apogee. This magazine still in proposal stage and draft. Join us Koperasi Sumber Terbuka Malaysia Mailing List For Further detail.

The name of the magazine is not yet final.

From OSDC.my mailing List :-

Raja Iskandar Shah <> wrote:

This Malaysian OSS Magazine is a venture of KOSTEM. KOSTEM itself is an economic venture of the Malaysian OSS Community. 58 people from the Malaysian community has already registered to be founding members of KOSTEM. The countdown is on to reach 200 founding members, so have you registered your interest as a founding member ?


Today is the last day to suggest a name for the Malaysian OSS Magazine. The target audience for the magazine are practicing and prospective programmers, developers and administrators. This is a venture that could be syndicated to other languages, therefore the name must be recognisable internationally. It is also a medium for collaboration between the community, the industry, the academics, and the government, therefore the name must also reflect a common ground for participation.


Poll : What Topics Interest You For MOSC2011?

What topics interest you For MOSC2011? Please select one or more titles that you want to be in Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)

This is only a poll for MOSC2011 team to get general view about topic of interests. The call for speakers is still open. Submit your proposal by this link

Thank you.

Harisfazillah Jamel

6 May 2011


Among the propose topics for Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)

Build Web Applications in 30 Minutes with Joget Workflow v3

bahasa melayu in german knoppix.de

Hands on Post Mortem Forensic analysis with specifics Forensic FOSS TOOLS

Implementing an Open Source Infrastructure in SME

Pengaturcaraan Mudah dengan Gambas! (Simple Programming with Gambas!)

MariaDB: The New M in LAMP

The MySQL Diaspora

MySQL Storage Engines Landscape

Hello World to Spring IoC!

Econometrics in the IT security industry

Real Time Data Visualization in the Cloud using Open Source Data Management Platform

Dhanis: a cloud business services

Engaging in OWASP ASVS


birgHPC: Creating Instant Computing Clusters for Bioinformatics and Molecular Dynamics

Relax, manage your data in CouchDB

Product Roadmap of MySQL - RDBMS and NoSQL, and beyond

Implementing Open Source Security in Malaysian Goverment: A Solution Integrator POV

Google App Engine With Gaelyk

The Freedom Stack

Defect Handling Mechanism in Various Open Source Projects

Open Source in Health Care: HUSM 10 Years of Innovative Effort

perception study towards the development of linear motion experiment using open source python and rotary motion sensor

Mobile OPAC for Koha Open Source ILS

BitCoin: Has Digital Money Finally Arrived?

REST in pieces (with FRAPI)

Malaysian's experience in Google Summer of Code

open source game engine

Rails 3 - Writing Beautiful Code

Open Source Game Engine and Library

Open Source Digital Forensics Tools and Framework for Analyzing Digital Evidence

Scalable and Sustainability of Teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Skills and Managing Schools using Open Source Computing.

Measuring website performance with boomerang

the use of open source software for election at lower cost

Zenclouds - How we build Xen virtual server control panel using CakePHP and Gearman

NodeJS - Introduction to Javascript on the server side

Developing SaS application on the cloud

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